Sunday, June 12, 2011


 This is the old Notch Hill Church

Over the past few days, I helped with forming the stub walls, pouring concrete (not much work with the pumper truck) and stripping the forms.  Jim will have another nice shop when he’s finished.  We have hopefully tidied up all the loose ends in Salmon Arm for now and it is time to hit the road again.
We needed to dump our tanks today so we are parking in the mall for tonight so we don’t have much of a drive home after joining Bev and Kevin for supper.  Tomorrow bright and early (maybe) we are heading down the Okanagan hoping to have lunch with friends Bev and Carole.  From there we plan to find a quiet spot along the Old Hedley Rd for a couple of days of downtime.   We plan to get over to Vancouver  Island no later than Thursday.  We’ve had a fairly busy time here in the Shuswap and at times it got a little stressful, I guess.   
On Friday, I went to Sorrento to take a birthday card to my old friend JR.  He will be 76 on Wednesday.  I worked with him for years at the mill and he has always been a very interesting fellow.  I enjoy my visits with him.   Friday evening I visited with friends Ian and Wendy in Salmon Arm.  I gave them my entries for the Salmon Arm Fair since I don’t plan to be here in time to enter them personally.  Ian gave me lots of tips on what to see in Colorado this fall.  We played a few last games of SkipBo with Jacquie and Jim last night.