Thursday, April 14, 2011


A couple more pics from Chesterman Beach, this lady is Goin' Surfin

Monday morning was very nice with sun and warm, a nice change after the heavy rain on Sunday.  We pulled out of Chas’ at 10:30 then sat at the Duke Point terminal til catching the 12:45 boat.  We saved $43.70 by unhooking the car and driving it on separately – bloody ridiculous!  I figure I made $157 an hour as it only takes about ten minutes to unhook and rehook the car.
We dumped the tanks at the rest area past Chilliwack and Mitzy had her supper there.  We had pretty nice weather until almost Hope where it was 6C and raining with some sleet mixed in.  We went to our regular campsite only to find it closed.  Holiday Trails is taking over management for the city and they are doing some renos and plan to be open for Easter.  We backtracked a few kms to a Good Sam park, Hope Valley Campground.  It was raining well when we set up which only consisted of putting blocks under the jacks and plugging in to power.  Bev and Mitzy got wet on their walk before coming inside.
Aileen cooked us stirfries rather than going into town to try our luck at a restaurant.  We played two games of SkipBo, one for Bev and one for me.  Aileen and I went for showers, which weren’t far across the yard.  Lots of hot water but it took quite awhile to get it hot.
We had a fairly leisurely start to the day Tuesday.  It dawned reasonably nice so Bev took Mitzy for a walk and I took her later again.  We hit the road about 9:30 and stopped in Yale for propane.   We stopped at the rest area a little before Ashcroft for lunch at 11:50.  After about ½ hour we were on the road again and got to Jordan’s at White Lake sometime after 3 pm.  We parked on their lower road and got level very easily then dragged the patio board closer and made a more level path alongside the motor home past the only remaining snow bank.
After puttering about setting things up and reorganizing the basement, we took Bev home.  We stopped at DeMilles for Bev to get a few groceries.  I went to Bev’s mailbox then visited Kevin a few minutes before leaving.  We went to Boston Pizza for supper.  They now have gluten free pizza crust so we had two 8 inch with all different toppings then shared them.  We couldn’t decide which we liked better as they were both good.  I gave the car a dollar wash before heading home.  I sorted the mail, of which there didn’t seem to be much.
We were up early Wednesday, Aileen with her 6:30 alarm and me a little later.  I decided to go to town with her to pick up the truck.  Bev took Mitzy with her to bath and groom then Aileen picked her up later.  Aileen went to the lab, found it way too busy so went for a walk and let the rush get over.
I washed the filthy truck then went out to talk to the guy at the storage place where I got prices on smaller units.  I did a bit of grocery shopping at SaveOn then Safeway and finally at DeMilles on the way home.  I took our tax stuff to be processed. I was back to home about 11:30 and looked through some of the mail until Aileen came along just after 12 and we had lunch.   She had a good nap in the afternoon.  I filled out my old age pension application.  I find it hard to believe I’m old enough to be doing that.
We went for a walk up the road last night after supper but not too far, as the rain was coming from the south.  We aren’t having much success with the aircard here so much less time is being spent on the computers.  We played Mexican Train last night and Aileen went out 7 times before I did for my first time and she ended up with only 75 points to my 235.
We lay abed until nearly eight this morning then I got up to take Mitzy for her walk.  We left her home when we went to town this morning as she is complaining about the cool weather with her new haircut.   We made a quick stop at storage then picked up some parts for Jim at Rona.  Next was Windmill Meats then the vitamin store.  We filled up the car then went to the library for a book they didn’t have in the system.  We also found our favourite pancake mix at the health food store in the mall.  It’s made by Kinnikinnick out of Edmonton.
When we got home this morning, Aileen decided we should fire up Jim’s burn piles.  He provided us with a Tiger Torch which made it much easier to get the wet, loosely piled piles going.  All three piles are just a memory now.