Wednesday, February 16, 2011


We've been seeing a lot of large flocks of sheep lately and they are mostly in these alfalfa or grass paddocks.  Note how flat these fields are and the ridges separating the.  This is to allow flood irrigation which is by far the most common method of getting water to the crops.

The pace is picking up here prior to our departure.  Our calendar is getting fuller with appointments and considerations.  We had our block potluck supper on Sunday night followed by the ATV club potluck on Monday night.  My sister Janet and husband John came to visit yesterday.  They and some friends are over in Sun Lakes for a few days.  They wanted to take us for lunch so we went to Casa Grande and Picazzo’s Pizza.  We all had gluten free food starting with wings and salad.  We shared two pizzas which we ordered half and half which gave us four different pizza styles to share.  Delicious!  We ordered all vegetarian and they were so tasty.  I think I much prefer the gluten free pastry just like with Aileen’s pies.  Janet and John left here late heading to my sister Wendy and Randy’s in Coolidge for supper.

 Mitzy likes to scratch her head and back in the dirt.  Looks like the chicken dance to me!

 Then we have to try and shake it all off before Mom notices!

We like to run too, good for the figure.

Mitzy and I walk out in the desert out beyond the fence most days but when it is warm, we have to go early.  Mitzy and Aileen are not hot weather types.  I took my camera to try out the new lens one day.  Aileen and I are working on the park newsletter again typing for the March edition.  The deadline is before we leave but I don’t know if we’ll be here long enough to do the proofing.
Mitzy went for her grooming this morning and looks pretty spiffy right now.  First walk in the desert will fix that.  I go for blood work tomorrow, cat scan Friday and the lung specialist next Tuesday.  In between we have the park model to empty and clean and the motor home to get packed and organized. 

 The Saguaro on the right will soon be the dominant one as the old one on the right is about to expire

 There are ten horses grazing out where we walk these days

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  1. Kev: It's so hard to get that good earthy grooming smell.