Tuesday, February 2, 2010


ATV club campfire

Bigger is not always better

The rough and rocky road

We have things back to normal now. Aileen has finished cleaning the travel trailer and everything is put back where it belongs around the place. I was on another ATV ride on the 30th of Jan which got a little interesting going through some large boulders. I managed to get some air time with my front wheel like some of the pictures show. We’ve had a few days of nicer weather and are in for another front from the Pacific for the next several days. I see Vancouver and Seattle had the warmest January on record. I suspect Arizona had the wettest and coldest. It’s only four weeks yesterday until we must begin our trek north.

The Sunday music jams are going well again. My sister Wendy takes her guitar there and joins in. I heard her do two songs by herself, with great backup from the 21 others, and I was impressed. I had never heard her play and sing solo before. All the years she did that at home, I was already gone from there. There were some pretty good musicians and singers this week so enjoyable to listen and the price is certainly right. I put a dollar into the food pot.

Mitzy and I have been going for walks in the desert most days and she’s getting pushier about going earlier. I took her for a longer one today so she is really pooped.

We went to an ATV club campfire Saturday night out in the desert behind us. Aileen and I rode the ATV out as did some others but many drove their cars out. There were about 30 people and a good time was had. I posted a couple pictures I took using a tripod and long exposure which is why you may see some blurred movement in the image.