Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Me with Bev D on the ATV

Sunset on the way home

Some people make it look so easy

He's 91 I was told and still enjoying dancing

Tim Hadler, wanna be Nashville recording artist

Many of the attendees got out dancing to Tim's music

I have met another guy who likes to just poke around the desert on his ATV and we went out for a short ride on Saturday. I drove 2.8 miles from where I unloaded from the truck and in narrow Box Canyon, we came on an accident so the trail was blocked. A teenage boy and girl,15 or 16, had been driving too fast and hit the side wall and got tossed off. The girl was flat on her back and claimed she wasn’t moving until the ambulance got there so that would be quite some time as we met a couple guys heading out to where they could get cell coverage to call 911. So, short trip. It is mandatory for everyone under 18 to wear a helmet, they weren’t. They were also riding two up on a single seat machine which had no grab handles or footrests. Why am I surprised they had an accident?

I took Bev D out on Sunday afternoon and we finally got to go all the way through the canyon. I was amazed to see a woman driving a stock Chev extended cab truck down the canyon so I asked if she knew what she was coming up to and she told me she’d already driven up and was on her way back. What a way to treat the truck. I did see some paint from the truck on some rocks so imagine her rocker panels took a beating. Bev and I saw a beautiful fox, a big doe deer and a rabbit on our tour. We had to stop for some sunset pictures on the way home.

Yesterday was my first photo class and I had eight students. The class seemed to go well and everyone participated enthusiastically. Two were missing as they had to go to the airport. Next session we will all bring cameras and take a few pictures then I will do a critique and play around in the computer to see if they can be improved. Right after class was Buddy Beer and I was asked to take some pictures of the country singer we have who comes every Monday to sing for an hour. When I start taking pictures, I don’t just shoot what was requested but take some for myself and everything goes. Some of the residents are excellent dancers and it’s great to watch them. Age doesn’t hold some of them back either which is nice to see.

Today the ladies took a bus trip to Algodones, Mexico. They were away 11.5 hours. They enjoyed the experience across the border but not the ride. The bus was too warm and the four movies were lousy and too loud. They were to bed in short order tonight. My only trip out of the park today was to Big O Tire to get a slow leak repaired in one of the truck tires. It had a nail in it they told me. I had a fairly quiet day, puttered at different things, read, edited some photos and walked Mitzy several times. The day still flew by.

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