Saturday, October 10, 2009


Along the Colorado River

Contrast along the Colorado

Castle Tower on the right

Looking down into Castle Valley

Castle Valley

There was a large forest fire through here recently, those are oaks in the foreground.

Some high country colour

Small owl that Aileen spotted beside the truck

This will be short as I’m sitting in the library lobby on a slatted bench which is not comfortable and my battery won’t last too long. We went to Dead Horse Point State Park and Canyonlands on Thursday. Some fabulous scenery again. Yesterday we took a loop trip north and east of Moab seeing some more neat country. We got up to about 8,000 feet and found a little Fall colour. We have decided to stay at the Big Bend camp through Monday now as this is a holiday weekend here. Several events happening over the weekend including a 24 hour mountain bike race. Quite a few individuals entered but mostly teams – over 400 teams in fact. The race started at noon today and ends at noon tomorrow.