Tuesday, September 15, 2009


A hitch hiker on the truck cab

Not sure I would like to ride in this plane, read about it futher down

The cockpit including the machine gun!

A future farmer

September 13, 2009

I went to the Salmon Arm Fall Fair and parade yesterday while Aileen had a quiet day at the trailer. It was very warm and crowded. I met a few people I knew but not many. I came home and got Aileen and we went to her nephew Mike and Shawnee’s for supper along with our daughter Bev. Mike and Shawnee are moving back to Port Alberni on Vancouver Island next weekend.

Today while Aileen was at church, Mitzy and I went to the wharf for a walk. There were a few pelicans away out and a couple of ospreys closer. It seems like every time I leave my camera home, the pelicans are close to the wharf. This is the first time I have even seen one when I have my camera.

September 15

We did a few of the last minute things in town yesterday. Aileen got her hair cut. Mitzy and I walked until Aileen came and picked us up after her cut and we got quite a ways; Mitzy was getting tired. Aileen had tea with her friend Donna next, while I zipped around town doing the required errands. I got some US cash at a fairly good exchange rate, arranged for our cell phone plan to include US calls, had some repairs done to my glasses and also checked out the new camera/computer store that just opened. Some nice toys in there! We took our lunch down to the waterfront again. We visited our daughter Bev for a little while later in the afternoon. Stopped in and saw one of our neighbours and arranged for him to use our RV parking spot again this winter. Last night we went back to town with Jacquie and Jim where we had a lovely turkey supper at my aunt Eleanor and Ron’s house. Eleanor is one of Jacquie’s older sisters. My Mom is the oldest one. The gorgeous Indian Summer weather continues here. Temperatures in the high 20s C (that’s near 70 F)

We went to town again this morning to pick up our 32 stacking chairs that the strata borrowed for last year’s AGM. This year they decided to move the meeting outside the strata and could I please remove my chairs. Luckily we are able to store them at Jacquie and Jim’s. We had no sooner gotten home when the phone rang telling me that some papers we signed the other day required more signatures by both of us. So another drive back to town when Aileen should have been having a long nap. GRRRRR! Before going to town, we loaded the truck box then the quad on top of everything. Everything fits!

So tomorrow it’s EASTBOUND AND DOWN! Yellowstone by Saturday.