Monday, July 20, 2009


We left Smithers and put in a longer day than usual, stopping for the night a few miles south of Prince George at a Good Sam park. We even had a swim in the heated (somewhat) outdoor pool. The drive was quite boring after all the beautiful north country we have driven through. All the traffic is not appreciated either as it seems there is always a lineup behind you and lots of people having to pass you even though we’re doing speed limit or better. I guess some things will never change.

Leaving Prince George we decided to put in a short day so we only went as far as Lac La Hache Provincial Park. The highlight of the day was seeing an RCMP patrol car off the road at quite an angle with an unhappy looking cop standing beside it waiting for the tow truck. I couldn’t reach my camera and there was nowhere to stop so, no picture. We were surprised how few campers were in the park. Being a Friday in July, next to a good swimming lake, one would have expected it to be full early in the day. We were holding our breath when we arrived at lunchtime thinking it would already be full. There certainly seemed to be a lot of RVs on the road everywhere. Looking on RV dealer’s websites at all their sold units and how many obvious new ones we’re seeing along the way, the Canadian RV business seems to be flourishing.

The weather was heating up the further south we got so the next night, Saturday, we stopped at a commercial Good Sam park just north of Boston Bar so we could run our air conditioning. It did cool down nicely after supper so we were able to sleep with the windows open. We did have wi-fi, though very slow. There is no cell service for most of the Fraser Canyon so our air card was no use.

On Sunday morning, Aileen drove for the first couple of hours then it was my turn to get us to the ferry at Tsawwassen. The trip across was under mostly clear skies and clean air. The clear coastal air is so nice after the smoky interior and north where there are so many forest fires creating fuzzy air. We are parked in “our” spot at brother Charlie’s and will probably stay here until we head down to the reunion toward the end of the month.


  1. I agree, it seems the RV businesses are not hurting. Brand new units are on the road everywhere, Canadian stickers mainly but a few US companies as well.
    Our weather here is remarkably clear, considering how many fires are burning in this area. I guess we can thank the winds that others are cursing.

  2. Well, that was a fast trip back from Smithers! I was expecting you to take your time through BC. Robin and I are in Vancouver for a couple of days -- technically it's meant to be a conference recovery treat, but we both got a little sickly (me more than her so far). Ah well.