Sunday, July 12, 2009


Arctic Fireweed

Evening shots of Boya Lake in front of our campsite.................................................

That is hello today, if we get on the internet tonight. We are at Water’s Edge RV Park just north of Dease Lake community, almost at the top end of the lake. They claim we should get internet after the generator is turned on at 5 PM. There doesn’t seem to be too many bugs here which I hope continues. Last night we stayed at Boya Lake Park and the mosquitoes were wicked but the lake was very pretty when the sun peeked out. Aileen and I went for a quick dip in the lake after supper. I said dip, not swim, as it was very cool and we weren’t in long enough to call it anything else. It did feel good though and we slept better than usual. It was a mad dash back inside the trailer afterward because of the bugs. The Stewart-Cassiar (Highway 37) is by far the roughest road we’ve experienced this trip. There are lots of dips and dives gravel stretches. We were often driving at 20-40 kms per hour in the supposedly 80 km zone. We stopped for lunch today at the Cottonwood River Rest Area and the mosquitoes swarmed us. We have seen no wildlife at all so far on this road after people had told us often, there are lots to be seen.

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  1. I hear that up there, the bugs count as wildlife....