Wednesday, June 17, 2009


90 foot high Sikkani Chief River Falls.

Alaska Highway north of Buckinghorse River.

Butterfly at Kiskatinaw River camp........................................................
June 16, 2009
We left Judith’s about 9 AM their time (8 AM Pacific) yesterday after saying our farewells. The first stop was the far end of the street at the Fair Grounds to use the dump station. Next stop was the car wash in Falher to wash ten days worth of dust off. Picked up 5 gallons of drinking water and a few groceries at the Co-op then hit the road. Lunch was at Spirit River in a used farm equipment overflow yard along the highway. We didn’t stop in Dawson Creek but did stop for a break a few kms north. We spent last night at Kiskatinaw River Provincial Park. It was very quiet and only $15. Aileen went to bed really early as she was pooped. I wandered around with my camera awhile then processed some pictures and checked the internet.
Today we drove north to Buckinghorse River Provincial Park ($14). Just before we got to the park we saw a cow moose with two calves on the side of the road but they skedaddled when I stopped. Then, driving into the park, we surprised a younger, scruffier moose that also declined to wait for pictures. We had an early supper then drove in to Sikanni Chief Falls. It was 16.9 kms on a good gravel road then about 1-1.5 kms on a trail that has a few steep sections. Aileen went about halfway and got to see the falls at a distance. I went further and got the excellent view of the 90 foot high falls. The sheer cliffs were considerably higher downstream where I was taking pictures. We drove a little north of here on the return and saw three bears. There’s no internet here so no time wasted online tonight. I’ll process pictures instead.
I’m posting this from Fort Nelson, BC where we’re are parking at a grocery store lot for lunch and internet. We’ve been having rain showers and it is cooler. I may have to dig out the long pants again. We head west from here into the mountains. The plan is to get to Stone Mountain Provincial Park for tonight. We probably won’t have internet for the next couple days.

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