Saturday, January 24, 2009

That's it for Quartzsite for this year

We’ve been experiencing Quartzsite for the past several days. Aileen and I have been to the big tent RV show, to some of the flea markets and even a couple RV lots. I have been fairly restricted this year as my legs are giving me a lot of grief. Not sure what it is but my right knee has been quite swollen and my left calf is very painful. Walking makes things worse. We did visit Howard and Linda Payne yesterday who call their RV experience RV Dreams . I have read their blog since soon after they started it and followed along with them as they researched then bought their Ford 450 and huge 5th wheel. They’ve been full timing for over three years and are only 45. They work camp their way around the country so instead of putting lots of miles on they get to stay and explore each area thoroughly. They then tell the rest of us what they find and show us pictures. Since there were only a few days when we were both here in Q, it was nice to find them and meet in person.
We will have another look around the shows today then tomorrow head back to Florence to finalize our purchase and get things organized before departing for BC in mid February. Jacquie and Jim are going to follow us over to Florence on Wednesday and we were able to rent them a spot for a week or two. We will be picking up Wendy and Randy at the Phoenix airport on February 8th.

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