Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hiking and partying through life!

The waterfall is up in the top part of the image.

Scenes from Massacre Grounds hike.
Jan 8, 2009
I was up by 6:30 this morning to join the hiking group. 30 people came out today so a hard group to manage as their fitness level ranged from pretty good to very marginal. We went east of Apache Junction and Lost Dutchman State Park to the Massacre Grounds trail. We gained something in the range of 900-1200 feet elevation and three of us probably did about 8 miles total. One lady had to drop out after about ½ - ¾ mile because of her knees. A real bonus for me was finding a waterfall (with water!) at the end of the trail. It wasn’t very wide but did spray our nicely at the bottom. It was in the shade and very cool which was refreshing after our climb in the sunshine. I felt pretty good hiking today. I was worried as I’d been feeling so puny the past few days. I came off the mountain quite quickly as the others had turned back long before and I didn’t want them waiting. I arrived back with the main group as it turned out and then sat and waited for the stragglers. We were home by 1:30 which still amazes me as we never had such short hikes at home.
We went to the clubhouse for Cornish game hens for supper. We visited with some different people this time. One couple was from Iowa, the other from Manitoba. Jan 9
We had a busy day here today. Aileen gave Mitzy a bath then me a haircut. Several people stopped by to chat – some we knew, some we didn’t. I talked to the guy we bought from, and the office, to plan how we return to the park in a couple weeks as name tags are required. We’ll park on our new lot and pretend we’re renting from Jim and Betty. We went to town earlier to the Post Office and then opened an account at the local bank. After lunch we went to Coolidge. Aileen had a haircut then we checked out the thrift store which has used furnishings etc. Gas and groceries rounded out the trip. While Aileen put things away, I took Mitzy for a walk in the desert out back. On our return, Aileen was visiting Evie and Bobby who are our new neighbours beside the empty lot. We spent an hour (and a drink) there before we had to rush off to Dalgleish’s for supper. Sylvain and Rita plus Norm and Sheri were also there. They are close neighbours on our street. Actually the supper was mostly prepared by Norm and Sheri. We’d been invited this morning were happy to meet more friends. We spent quite awhile visiting (and more drinks) then had a nice late supper. It was a great evening which almost went awry when Sync’s chair leg fell in the furnace duct hole when the grate moved aside. He toppled over sideways rather gracefully with only minor damage to the curtain and window sill. Hopefully he has no ill effects later. We had to leave finally as Aileen was pooped and the others took that as a good time to go as well. She couldn’t fit in a nap today and had done a lot plus some wine. She did manage to help me cover the pool though, after I swam and soaked in the hot tub.
Jan 10
We went to the clubhouse for breakfast this morning. Sat with Doyle and June who are neighbours on the same street as our back lot. Aileen did laundry while Mitzy and I went for a walk on the desert. We go to the clubhouse for supper and a show tonight. Tomorrow we hook up the trailer and head down the road somewhere eventually arriving at Yuma then heading up to Quartzsite. There’s no route planned yet. We plan on returning here about Jan 25.