Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!

Aileen and I wish you the best health and happiness you can manage for 2009. We stayed home yesterday. Aileen gave Mitzy a bath, much to M’s disgust. Later, I took Mitzy for a good walk in the desert. It was very warm so she was pooped when we returned. The temperature is getting up in the low 70Fs right now which equates to low 20Cs. Aileen had a long nap in preparation for the party evening. I spent the latter part of the afternoon sitting in the sun reading.
We went to the clubhouse for the New Years party and had a good time. We met some more people and have an invitation to go next door to Florence Gardens to visit a couple from Ontario. The doors open 15 minutes before events normally and it’s humorous watching the antics. Last night there were about 30 people lined up just after 7 PM when I took Mitzy to the dog park. Doors opened 7:45. It reminds me of the old school bus lineups with people jockeying for position. I think it was a sell out crowd; there didn’t seem to be many empty seats. They are a real dancing crowd. At times the floor was very full. The two piece band played a wide range of music which was enjoyable to listen to as well as mostly good dancing. Aileen and I took our bottle of Malibu Rum to keep us mobile. There was tons of finger food so we were able to keep our strength up as well. We stayed til the band quit a little past 12AM. Aileen and I probably danced at least half the dances! Took quite awhile to settle down back at home. Mitzy met us at the door in a hurry to visit the dog park. What a crowd there was there. I think eight other dogs all being walked and the general consensus was they were all in a hurry when their Mom and Dad got home. Kind of funny at 12:30 AM. I went off to the shower house while Aileen decided on a bath in the trailer.
January 1, 2009
We didn’t get to sleep later than normal as Mitzy wanted her usual trip to the dog park at 8. We took it cool today. The big job was taking down the decorations. Must have taken nearly 10 minutes! Aileen had a good nap later and I went for another stroll in the desert. At 4 PM we went to the New Years supper at the boardroom. I think 14 couples attended and we had a great time. We got to meet several new people and some that we’d met previously. It was a great potluck with a wide variety of dishes. A neat thing was going around the table and having everyone speak about themselves. Later we played some kind of game of which I was one of two winners, my prize being over a pound of chocolate pieces which I sent around the table as I no longer devour chocolate since I identified it as one of my migraine triggers. There were some pretty interesting things mentioned and some were hilarious. We were home before 8 then after a bit we went to the pool. We had a call from Garry and Barb in Duncan and it sounds like they’re pretty tired of this winter.
Jan 2
It was another low key day. Mid morning, we walked over to visit people we met at the dance but they weren’t home. I barbequed wieners for lunch and later Aileen had a long nap. I managed to get quite a bit of reading in lounging in the sun. It was a little cooler today as the wind had a tang to it. Beautifully clear still but still forecasting showers by Sunday. I dug the printer out and made a bunch of 4x6s as Aileen wanted some more cards made and I wanted to send some prints to Mom and Dad. My Canon Pro 9500 printer lives under the bed and it is hard on the back getting it in and out. It and my laptop pretty much fill the table when printing. It sure is nice to be able to make prints on the road though. We had company in the pool tonight. A young couple from small town Montana (Broadus) are visiting her Mom. More and more people are coming now that the holidays are done. Several people are actively searching for property. Three or four groups toured the park model beside us. Others are rushing around with lists in hand.
Jan 3
We hadn’t planned on going anywhere today but a screw came loose on my glasses and after tracking down a set of tiny screwdrivers at Daryl’s across the road and trying unsuccessfully to repair it, we had to go to WalMart in Coolidge. They fixed it easily but she said she had to install a new screw. I couldn’t have fixed it myself if I’d tried all day! She also cleaned and adjusted my specs, all at no charge.
I dug the printer out again today to put a message in a card for Joni whose birthday we’re invited to tomorrow. I also printed Mom and Dad’s letter to go with the prints. Tonight in the pool we met a lady from Kansas and another from Kamloops. Their husbands came by and visited but didn’t come in the pool. The people from Kamloops rented Wendy and Randy’s trailer last year.
Jan 6
I’ve been ill the past couple days with headache and stomach ails. I picked up a bug somewhere I guess. I’m posting this from the trailer so no pictures today. The router signal is too weak to allow uploading images. Joni’s party went well. There was a good sized crowd and lots of food which her husband Pete had prepared. Joni made a couple of speeches and she was pleased to have her son and his girlfriend here from California. We’ve had rain the past couple days, ¼ inch yesterday, and today has dawned sunny and bright again. Hopefully this bug will go away so I can get back to doing again.

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