Friday, November 21, 2008

Gila Bend, Az

Sorry no images for this post. It seems the WiFi here doesn't have enough room to allow picture uploads.

I bought the battery charger yesterday morning and had it on all day and night and this morning the batteries were fully charged. I tested every cell in all four batteries and every cell claimed to be excellent. I did find a couple of loose connections the other day and it would be nice if that turns out to be the problem. We’ll have to keep an eye on it for the next while and if the batteries start to lose charge again it’ll be back to the drawing board.
We left Quartzsite mid morning today heading east on I-10 and had our lunch at a highway rest area. We made an extended stop and took it easy for awhile. Tonight we’re parked in Augie’s RV Park in Gila Bend where we stayed back in February when we got together with Wendy and Randy. We’d been looking for somewhere to wash the trailer ever since we got to the dry country and for $6 were able to use Augie’s hose/wash station and wash both units. The only downside to it is the water in southern California and Arizona is salty and leaves a film on the surface when it dries. However, both truck and trailer look much better after removing all that road crud from all the rainy areas and salt in the Siskiyou Pass. There was lots of smog around us all day and increasing cloud as well. The warmest temperature I noticed today was 26C which is about 5C less than we’ve been having. It actually felt cooler, especially when I got the spray from the hose Aileen was wielding at the wash site.
Tomorrow should see us arrive in Florence where we’ll probably stay a few days. We decided going to Wickenburg was too far out of our way and we’ll likely head there in February anyway so why duplicate. We faced fairly heavy head winds all the way on I-10 and then cross winds down 85 almost to Gila Bend. The winds cause some trailer action when vans and big rigs pass you going the same direction. A driver has to stay more alert and be ready to instantly correct for the effect. Some times it causes you to veer toward the unit passing and some times it tosses you to the side of the road. All part of the joy of heading down the road!

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  1. So only in Florence for a few days - hmm, guess I'll have to decide right quickly if we'll be sending anything!

    And Piglet arrived safe and sound today. Georgia was delighted to have him pop out of the envelope, and she liked the story (once she got over the tears when she heard he was sad and missed her, of course...)!