Thursday, October 2, 2008

Made it to Port McNeill

On Wednesday we had a leisurely start to our day then had sister Wendy (and Randy) stop by to visit. They brought some delicious tomatoes for us. When they departed Aileen and I visited my parents at Stanford Place in Parksville, their new home. Dad was quite bright and was mostly able to join in our conversation. Mom seems happier now and except for some yearning to return to their house (which is really impossible) was in good humour. She is fairly confused and forgetful. She has made a good friend across the hall. Florence is 97 and she and Mom are together much of the time. Apparently Mom does lots of weeding in the central courtyard but her request for a long handled hoe was turned down.
After lunch we hooked up the trailer and made it all the way to Miracle Beach (about an hour’s drive) where we are staying the night. Aileen was tired so she had a 2 hour nap then we cooked buffalo burgers over a campfire. We went for a long walk around the perimeter of the campground before dark then early to bed.
This morning we woke late and lazed around the trailer as it was raining well. We hadn’t unhooked yesterday so just put the jacks up and carried on this morning. We visited Aileen’s cousin Gloria and hubby Bill Van Bergen at Willow Point for a couple hours. I’d taken shots of their 50th anniversary party back in the summer when we made a quick trip down to attend it. Today I printed them a few pictures on my big printer which is traveling with us. I think Gloria was pleased.
We left Gloria’s and made our way up to Port McNeill this afternoon driving through some very heavy rain. We had planned to sneak into Port McNeill so Aileen could have an early night but apparently, eagle eyed niece-in-law April spotted us and phoned Aileen’s sister Anne and said she’d seen an Arctic Fox trailer which must be us. So, a few minutes later Anne phoned to check. She and Aileen both agreed they were tired so put off visiting tonight. We are invited there for supper tomorrow night so can visit then. Amazingly, no rain since we set up tonight so far, although the forecast looks ugly. We decided to stay in the regional district park on the edge of town and have hook ups since heavy rain would make it tight for the solar panels to maintain the batteries.

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  1. Could you put in titles so its easier to know if its a new story or one we've read before?
    Thanks, loving the updates! Bad April... lol!